Instrument Security Cage

The 64100 Instrument Security Cage can be used with total stations. It’s fabricated from Aluminum and Stainless-steel with custom fittings for mounting with Survey control posts, Survey Control Pyramid and 14TK wall bracket systems. The cage has a fixed bottom plate with countersunk holes, so that once fitted to its mounting, it cannot be removed, as the tribrach of the total station covers the cage mounting screws. Additional holes in the base plate allow fitting of the tribrach operation inhibitor TachyLOK device.

This security cage is tall enough to also have an AD12 self-levelling tribrach safely and securely mounted within its enclosure allowing for the total station to be mounted above.

Due to the bespoke nature of total station installation and the site requirements for varying observational heights to prisms the upper ring can be installed at custom heights as defined by the end user by sliding the horizontal ring on the vertical bars, then fixing with grub screws to lock it into place securely. This then enables the telescope to be free of obstructions on the horizontal plane of the ring. Additional vertical bars of hardened stainless steel have been installed in this MK2 cage and the padlocks have been upgraded following customer feedback to prevent tampering.

The MK2 cage also has a female 5/8” threaded hole in its base plate to enable the use of a semi-captive cap screw to be fitted clamping the tribrach of the total station. Due to its circular face, the cap screw then cannot be rotated and thus the tribrach cannot be removed whilst the total station is mounted.

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